The next generation bid engine bringing media buyers amazing performance.

Make the most of every impression opportunity with machine learning that works

Worldwide media buyers are using Scibids’ cutting-edge bidding models to tackle at scale their performance, productivity and optimization challenges.


Scibids assess the real value of each impressions and bids accordingly, leading to tremendous performance uplifts.


We have models that learn models and everything is fully automated. Using Scibids technology is like having hundreds of traders working on each campaign


No algorithms should be a blackbox. The AI shares what it learnt into amazing dashboards, providing traders with a lot of insights and value.



A picture is worth a thousand words: In this short video PhD Remi Lemonnier, co-founder of Scibids, explains how Scibids is using machine learning and how much better it is compared to the main stream.
Our mission is to solve the fundamental optimization problem of real-time bidding : maximize the "estimated value of an impression" minus the "estimated price of this impression" Remi Lemonnier, co-founder Scibids Technology

Performance display

Acquiring new clients in a profitable way is the crux of every marketing issue. Scibids’ customers are using machine learning-driven display campaigns in order to achieve objectives at scale with a cost per objective below the profitability threshold or the target. This includes campaigns such as:

  • New clients (e-commerce websites, ROIstic advertisers,...)
  • Leads generation (bank quotation, gaming,...)
  • App downloads
  • Watched videos

Most of the clients say that the help of Scibids made an immediate difference in their ability to reach the next level in growth. Explain us your needs in the contact form in order to figure out whether or not it’s a waste of time to speak further together !

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