We make AI-based media buying a reality for marketers

Some of the brightest minds of the digital marketing industry share their views about First Party Algorithms, AI and the future of Programmatic Advertising in our brand new research report. Click below to discover it. 

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Huge congratulations to the team! It’s been a pleasure watching you build one of the most innovative businesses in ad tech!


Welcome to the Promised Land of Algorithmic Trading

Artificial intelligence (AI) continually and accurately optimizes your programmatic campaigns, freeing campaign managers from manual intervention and allowing them to work on building bigger and better strategies, telling better stories with data, and growing both new and existing business.

The probability of every conversion, and the clear price of each and every ad context are known by the AI, and your valuable ad dollars are invested in the wisest way possible.

You are able to transform any campaign brief into the most optimal bidding strategy within minutes with little effort and at scale. Welcome to the Promised Land of Algorithmic Trading.  

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Programmatic Campaign Optimization Made Simple

Bid-management tools have traditionally helped agencies and advertisers optimize their paid search efforts towards an ROI goal. Yet, advanced tools like these do not exist when it comes to programmatic campaign management. The Scibids SaaS is the first of its kind to offer an intelligent machine learning layer that plugs directly into your demand-side platforms.

It supports all formats - including standard/rich IAB display, video, native, and audio - and is capable of optimizing towards various KPIs - such as CPA, CPC, completion rate, and viewability. Scibids’ algorithms are continuously learning and refreshing to improve your KPIs for a given media cost, or alternatively, scale your media spend for a given KPI goal.

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My advice would be: pick a KPI, make a test (it’s quite light to set up), it is very likely that they will beat your benchmark.


Bid and Budget Management

Empower your campaign managers with machine learning the same way that advanced buying algorithms empower stock traders in the financial marketplace. The Scibids SaaS provides ongoing assistance and executes fully-automated campaign refinement in a number of ways:

  • Multivariable analysis
  • Discovery of trends/patterns
  • Impression-level bidding
  • Budget allocation across campaigns and campaign strategies based on performance
  • Optimal pacing of budget and impressions

Daily adjustments to the algorithm to adapt to trends and the feedback loop

With Scibids performing various tasks in an automated fashion, you may also identify opportunities to simplify your technology stack and save money. 


Take Your Programmatic Campaigns to the Next Level

You may be familiar with the old saying that “most human beings use only 10 percent of the brain's capacity”. While this claim has been dismissed as a myth for the human brain, it is highly applicable to those of us leveraging programmatic platforms: Quite often, the most powerful features do not get leveraged because either certain technical skills and/or human resources are lacking.

With Scibids, you can access DSP innovations with ease before they are available elsewhere, and take advantage of your first party data, bespoke bidding models, and automation to create true programmatic differentiation and substantial performance uplift.

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Manageo is a pure player in the B2B lead generation. A strong asset of Manageo is its trading desk fully focused on lead generation campaigns with a strong ROIstic approach & customer journey tracking (pixels & segments). Scibids' engine has enabled Manageo to be a top performer on its eCPA while securing its margin.