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  • Scibids Builds Customizable Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Media Performance Needs of Brands.
  • Tailored algorithms grow privacy-friendly scale and efficiencies executed in the Demand-Side Platforms of your choice.

Custom Algorithms can double client's media productivity overnight

John Donahue, Partner, Up & To The Right

Achieve step change performance with Scibids AI

The challenges for marketers looking for efficient brand and sales growth have multiplied as data volumes and the need to respect consumer PII (personally identifiable information) have grown. Only sophisticated AI-powered decisioning technology, engineered for scale, can solve these challenges.

Scibids develops AI for marketing, and today offers a solution for addressable paid digital media that creates 30%-70% improvement in KPI performance, even if campaign performance has plateaued and scale stalled. Marketers can no longer consider AI-fueled optimization as optional!

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Scibids AI works with your existing stack

Scibids AI is the first of its kind to offer an intelligent layer that plugs directly into demand-side platforms (DSPs) to supercharge campaign optimization. It supports all formats (including standard/rich IAB display, video, native, and audio) and is capable of optimizing towards a large spectrum of KPIs (including custom formulas with various measurement sources)

Scibids operates transparently and easily across the adtech stack: campaign execution and workflow are not disrupted.

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The collaboration between Scibids and our traders on custom algorithms significantly increased the performance of our campaigns ranging from branding to pure performance KPIs. A perfect example of added value in the programmatic supply chain.


Get a competitive edge with customizable AI

Scibids is the largest user in the world of DSP “Bring your own Algorithm” (BYOA) offering, which is leveraged by the most ambitious brands in the world to overcome user interface constraints and input thousands of combinations of bidding rules, uniquely tailored to their campaign objectives and their own rules for what constitutes success

Scibids AI can be configured to effectively supplant the “out of the box” DSP bidding setup, leveraging dozens of proprietary and original results on what is the optimal bidding function for different custom KPIs and integrating further brands first party digital assets in the core decisioning.


Rise above reliance on cookie and digital identifiers

Scibids does not require any consumer interaction for marketing signals and for more than five years, we have been developing and deploying sophisticated AI technology for digital marketing that doesn’t rely on navigation history tracked through cookies or other personal identifiers. Scibids AI uses plentiful, harmless, non-user-specific metadata from bid requests to create better alignment between brands and consumers. The next wave of innovation in paid digital marketing will respect consumer privacy and Scibids AI future proofs your digital marketing for a cookie-free world!

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The Open University experienced an immediate step change in programmatic performance. Scibids’ AI-based media-buying has created one of the strongest recruiting channels for us.