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About Scibids

In August 2023, DoubleVerify (DV) announced plans to acquire Scibids. 

Scibids develops customizable AI to make marketing more effective. Scibids was created with a privacy-first approach, works across the ecosystem and is enabled within the leading DSPs.


Scibids was founded in 2016 in Paris (HQ) - We have offices in London, Madrid, Singapore, Delhi, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Chicago, Miami, and New York City


Custom Algorithms can double client's media productivity overnight

John Donahue, Partner, Up & To The Right


We are continually looking for tech and business talents. Join our team of bright and brainy Scibidians who bring the right dose of crazy ideas to make Scibids' journey incredible! 


Looking for a new challenge?

Follow the link to check out available positions!

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Scibids' attention to our account and knowledge of their product by their client management and support teams is far superior to comparable teams of service providers in our industry.