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Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

DoubleVerify and Scibids Unveil Industry-First AI-Powered Attention Solution for Advertisers: DV Algorithmic Optimizer - DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify launched the DV Algorithmic Optimizer, an exclusive cutting-edge measurement and optimization offering with Scibids.

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AI In Digital Advertising: From Black Box to Returning Control to Marketers | AdExchanger

AI went from quirky novelty to dominant disruptor in a matter of months, taking over the headlines, as consumer-friendly and business-centric AI applications continue emerging in every sector.

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THE GOLDEN AGE OF AI IS HERE: Developing your Digital Marketing Strategy

Introducing Scibids' survey of 252 senior brand marketers in the UK.

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4 ways AI will change digital marketing in 2023

Digital marketers are facing a number of challenges at the moment, all of which will define the industry’s outlook in 2023.

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Why Custom AI Is Critical To The Modern Ad Stack

Advertisers’ increasing reliance on paid digital advertising channels to drive brand and sales growth, coupled with looming macroeconomic uncertainty, is urging them to understand how to get more out of their digital ad investments.

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AI is not taking away control from digital advertisers - it’s giving it back

AI was previously all about performance – but not always the right metrics. Now, rather than remaining an automated enigma, digital advertisers' applying AI today have better oversight on pursuing the outcomes that actually matter.

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Marketers are no strangers to AI-led media buying – but are they using it to full effect?

Matt Nash, UK Managing Director at Scibids, explores how marketers can unlock the full power of AI within their media buying.

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Tinuiti, Scibids partner to launch AI insights solution

Scibids, an artificial intelligence digital marketing provider, has launched its Scibids AI Insights Solution, in partnership with Tinuiti

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Scibids AI generates $2.5m in media efficiencies for PokerStars

AI adtech Scibids said its AI as a service solution generated $2.5m in media efficiencies for online poker cardroom, PokerStars.

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Scibids rilascia nuove soluzioni di AI e completa la sua suite per le campagne YouTube

Tra gli strumenti proposti dal technology player: Brand Lift, Incremental Reach, Performance, FitScore e AutoPlug

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