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Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

4 ways AI will change digital marketing in 2023

Digital marketers are facing a number of challenges at the moment, all of which will define the industry’s outlook in 2023.

Industry News - Thought Leadership - Op-Ed

ATS Singapore 2022: The Value of AI in Marketing & Advertising – Fireside Chat with Scibids & Heineken

On day two of ATS Singapore 2022, Scibids took to the stage for a fireside chat focusing on the value of AI in marketing.

Thought Leadership - Industry News - Scibids Q&A - Partner Event - Industry Event

Why Custom AI Is Critical To The Modern Ad Stack

Advertisers’ increasing reliance on paid digital advertising channels to drive brand and sales growth, coupled with looming macroeconomic uncertainty, is urging them to understand how to get more out of their digital ad investments.

Industry News - Thought Leadership - Op-Ed - Privacy - Industry Discussion

Solving UK Marketing Challenges with AI

Scibids commissioned this Insights & Attitudes report with ExchangeWire to ascertain how UK advertisers are using AI in their ad stacks.

Thought Leadership - Industry Discussion - Survey

ATS London 2022: AI and the New Dawn of Virtuous Advertising – Rémi Lemonnier, Scibids

Rémi Lemonnier, co-founder and President of Scibids, delivered a keynote speech on AI and the dawn of virtuous advertising on day two of this year's ATS London. In his keynote, Lemonnier presents the case for AI as a solution to building [...]

Thought Leadership - Industry News - Industry Event - Industry Discussion

Next-Gen Media-Buying AI Eliminates The Privacy Versus Performance Trade-Off

For the moment, we’re being spared apocalyptic headlines about the embattled cookie and the outsized reliance on personally identifiable information (PII) in digital marketing, but don’t get too comfortable.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed - Privacy - Industry Discussion

Equipped With AI, Brands Can Battle for a Privacy-First, Open Internet - Advertising Week

AI holds the key to the future of privacy-first, advertising on the open web and will completely transform all aspects of marketing.

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Da Scibids le migliori soluzioni AI customizzate per ottimizzare gli investimenti in digital marketing

Quello che Scibids propone ai propri clienti sono soprattutto soluzioni AI customizzate per ottimizzare gli investimenti in digital marketing.

Thought Leadership - Scibids Q&A - Industry Discussion

Scibids Bolsters Rapid Growth with Appointment of New Senior Sales Director

Scibids, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing, announced the appointment of Mark Dunckley as senior sales director.

Press Release

Is this the dawn of advertising’s generative AI era?

What can generative AI do for the ad industry? Our industry experts take a look at what the tech means for bidding, buying and creativity

Industry News - Thought Leadership - Scibids Q&A - Industry Discussion