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Content HUB

Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

SciBids arrives in Brazil and launches Artificial Intelligence to Programmatic Media

French company SciBids, whose technology allows it to offer between 40% and 70% improvement in KPIs, announced its entry into the Brazilian adtech market

Press Release

What is ‘custom machine learning’ and why is it important for programmatic optimisation?

Wayne Blodwell, founder and chief exec of The Programmatic Advisory & The Programmatic University, battles through the buzzwords to explain why custom machine learning can help you unlock differentiation and regain a competitive edge.

Industry News - Op-Ed

Media-Buying Strategies Must Adapt In Times Of Crisis

Smart media buyers who are only moderately impacted by the crisis should continue advertising because they can get the lowest CPA if they know how to adapt.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed

Scibids Technology Expands into U.S.

Scibids Technology, the leading self-serve AI software supercharging programmatic campaign outcomes, announced the launch of its U.S. operation and the appointment of Eric Schwartz as U.S. managing director, effective immediately.

Press Release

WTF is a custom bidding algorithm? - Digiday

Here’s a primer on what a custom bidding algorithm is.

Industry News

I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2019 / Scibids, France

Rémi Lemonnier addresses the need for AI and custom algorithms in today's programmatic world on the scene of the 2019 I-COM Global Summit

Thought Leadership - Industry Event

Can AI be the respite for the weary programmatic trader?

Programmatic traders are being underutilized as most of their time is spent managing mundane complexities and disparate processes. There is also a lack of workflow and efficiency, as traders must juggle up to eight platforms a day, says Dominic Powers, the chief executive officer of CrtlShift.

Thought Leadership - Industry News - Op-Ed

Moneyed ad tech start-up Scibids launches APAC headquarters in Singapore

Paris-headquartered ad tech start-up Scibids has opened an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore following a successful S$3.3 million series A fundraising round.

Press Release

Scibids, algorithmic solution for automation and optimization for DSP-using ad campaigns, has been introduced for the first time in Japan by Adflex.

Scibids, algorithmic solution for automation and optimization for DSP-using ad campaigns, has been introduced for the first time in Japan by Adflex.

Partner Event - Industry News

The emergence of new operational technologies in programmatic

At the Programmatic Society, Scibid's Co-Founder and CEO Julien Hirth discusses the emergence of new operational technologies in Programmatic

Scibids Q&A - Partner Event - Industry Discussion