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Content HUB

Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

The Walled Garden Phenomenon

Our Co-Founder and CEO Julien Hirth at the Programmatic Society, around the walled garden phenomenon.

Scibids Q&A - Partner Event - Industry Discussion

Programmatic Buying Strategies, how does it work?

Scibids' Co-Founder and CEO Julien Hirth discusses programmatic buying strategies at the Programmatic Society.

Scibids Q&A - Partner Event - Industry Discussion

AI and Programmatic Advertising : state of the art

In this roundtable, J.Hirth shares its vision about AI and how it is reshaping the programmatic landscape.

Scibids Q&A - Partner Event - Industry Discussion

Scibids raises €2.2m in series A to confirm its leading position in algorithmic trading - News - Iris Capital

Scibids, the AI-based programmatic bid management solution that automates digital advertising campaign management, announces a €2.2 million Series A round of financing with the European VC firm Iris Capital to confirm its tech leadership and global reach.

Press Release

L'adtech française Scibids à l'assaut de l'Amérique

La start-up, qui met ses algorithmes de machine learning au service des trading desks, réalise plus de 30% de son chiffre d'affaires outre-Atlantique. Elle s'apprête à ouvrir un bureau à New York.

Industry News - Press Release

Who Will Survive The Machine-Learning Revolution?

"Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Rémi Lemonnier, co-founder at Scibids.

Op-Ed - Thought Leadership

Scibids, la start-up française qui permet aux trading desks de mieux acheter

La société de Rémi Lemonnier et Julien Hirth aide ses clients à diviser leurs coûts d'acquisition par deux. Une promesse rendue possible par l'intelligence qu'elle apporte avec ses algo d'achat.

Press Release

AI and machine learning in action

In Appnexus Summit 2017, R.Lemonnier explains how Scibids leverages the Appnexus Programmable Bidder to divide the CPA of programmatic campaigns.

Thought Leadership - Partner Event - Industry Discussion