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Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

The advantages for brands using customized media buying algorithms. Scibids' point of view

The technology player focuses on the main benefits gained from using custom algorithms: +30% on conversion KPIs, +20% increase in average budget on advertising investments and savings of at least 50% of time spent by marketers on campaign management

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The Year Ahead: Why Marketers Should Embrace Virtuous Advertising

As digital advertising matures, this may be the year of Virtuous Advertising. Learn from Eric Schwartz, Scibids, what it is and how AI can help achieve it.

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How Retailers Can Ready Their E-Commerce for 2023 With AI

Artificial intelligence can be used by online retailers to meet a range of business-specific objectives, including making first-party and measurement data from across the ad stack actionable in the buying process, and boosting e-commerce conversions.

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Driving retail conversions through difficult times with AI

Matt Nash, UK MD of Scibids, looks at how automation can help to continue driving conversions during the recession.

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Mastering the marketing tech stack with AI and customisable algorithms

Customisable algorithms are one solution to many of the challenges of the cookieless future, as they don’t necessarily require any consumer interaction, and so brands and agencies don’t need to wade into the issues around consent and gathering first-party data.

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Scibids' AI Technology to improve "Carbon Neutrality" and reduce the impact of digital advertising

The technology player is able to optimize the operational processes underpinning the advertising market and implement choices to reduce Co2

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Why are marketers holding back from greater AI adoption?

Our industry is part way into a revolution in how we run effective campaigns on digital platforms, through the use of artificial intelligence. But the tech is opposed by challenges, blocking uptake to the technology and its benefits for marketers.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed - Industry Discussion

The MadTech Podcast Special: The Biggest Opportunities for Agencies & Marketers in 2023

In this MadTech Podcast Special, Scibids' Harriet Cunningham and mSix's Stefan Kurkic discuss the biggest opportunities in 2023.

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Ospite di Radio Programmatic Michele Marzan, Country Director Italy di Scibids

Engage Conference 2022 - Michele Marzan, a Radio Programmatic, spiega perché l’Artificial Intelligence ha un ruolo chiave nel raggiungimento degli obiettivi...

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Así es cómo las grandes marcas logran mejorar hasta un 70 % los resultados de las campañas con Inteligencia Artificial personalizada

Scibids ha reunido en Madrid a reputados profesionales del sector digital en un encuentro clave para analizar los retos de la optimización de campañas en el actual ecosistema.

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