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Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

Why are marketers holding back from greater AI adoption?

Our industry is part way into a revolution in how we run effective campaigns on digital platforms, through the use of artificial intelligence. But the tech is opposed by challenges, blocking uptake to the technology and its benefits for marketers.

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The MadTech Podcast Special: The Biggest Opportunities for Agencies & Marketers in 2023

In this MadTech Podcast Special, Scibids' Harriet Cunningham and mSix's Stefan Kurkic discuss the biggest opportunities in 2023.

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Ospite di Radio Programmatic Michele Marzan, Country Director Italy di Scibids

Engage Conference 2022 - Michele Marzan, a Radio Programmatic, spiega perché l’Artificial Intelligence ha un ruolo chiave nel raggiungimento degli obiettivi...

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Así es cómo las grandes marcas logran mejorar hasta un 70 % los resultados de las campañas con Inteligencia Artificial personalizada

Scibids ha reunido en Madrid a reputados profesionales del sector digital en un encuentro clave para analizar los retos de la optimización de campañas en el actual ecosistema.

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IAB Italia presents the White Paper Cookie and Cookieless World

In the development of the document, particular attention was paid to the role that this tool plays in the new scenario that will be outlined with the disappearance of third-party cookies - scheduled for 2024 - to the study of best practices, case studies and strategic opportunities for advertisers.

Thought Leadership - Privacy - Partner Event

ATS Singapore 2022: The Value of AI in Marketing & Advertising – Fireside Chat with Scibids & Heineken

On day two of ATS Singapore 2022, Scibids took to the stage for a fireside chat focusing on the value of AI in marketing.

Thought Leadership - Industry News - Scibids Q&A - Partner Event - Industry Event

How AI is boosting digital marketing in the Northern powerhouse

Businesses that fail to embrace AI risk being left behind, writes Matt Nash, UK Managing Director at Scibids.

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ATS Singapore 2022 – Top Tips Ebook featuring Scibids' Rahul Vasudev

In order to understand the key trends in JAPAC, it’s important that not just marketers but the ecosystem understand a key underpinning of ad tech infrastructure. DSPs have set out to create an open and extensible ecosystem for digital marketing.

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Scibids develops new AI technology solutions for YouTube investment optimization

The technology player has released new dedicated solutions for brands to customize proprietary algorithms related to YouTube ads investments. The target is increasing their effectiveness and generating more brand lift.

Industry News - Press Release

Programmatic Trends in APAC: Interview with Rahul Vasudev, Scibids

Ahead of the start of ATS Singapore 2022, Rahul Vasudev, managing director, APAC, Scibids, outlines key trends in programmatic from the region.

Industry News - Thought Leadership - Industry Discussion