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Check out the latest thought leadership, content, media and videos on Scibids AI.

AI driven custom algorithms are essential to achieving custom KPI’s like attention or qualified traffic at scale!

In the 2nd part of this 2 part series we will be covering off why custom algorithms are a crucial part of a programmatic traders toolbox when custom KPI’s such as Attention metrics need to be achieved.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed

Unlocking ‘Virtuous Advertising’ with AI

In 2022, the marketing industry is being compelled to develop a new way of thinking: one which recognises and respects consumer concerns around data

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed - Industry Discussion

The impact of machine-learning & AI on programmatic advertising | Wandrille Leroy - Ad To The Bone - The Digital Advertising, AdTech & Programmatic Advertising Podcast

Did you know that some DSPs like DV360 (Google) will allow you to integrate a 3rd party AI? That is where Wandrille Leroy - VP of Partnerships at Scibids - and Scibids algorithms enter the scene.Bring-your-own-algorithm (BYOA) is the key to succes...

Thought Leadership - Scibids Q&A - Partner Event

Do you really need digital identifiers like 3rd party cookies anyway or is the answer AI driven custom bidding algorithms?

A major problem for agency and client marketers is that the digital advertising landscape is complex and ever shifting. Challenges facing modern marketers include the deprecation of third-party cookies, the quest for first-party data, the emergence of new channels such as connected TV and digital audio, or new metrics like attention, and the changing behaviour of target audiences.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed

Combining AI with smart teams drives the best business outcomes

Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly within the ad decisioning phase, is able to perform certain tasks better than any human can. For example, it can crunch huge datasets all day, every day, and come up with the best approach based on that data.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed

Why Automated Technology Should Have Adaptability Built Into Its Design - Advertising Week

The industry’s reliance on data to create relevant campaigns has led to an explosion of automated technologies to process and analyze the available data more efficiently.

Thought Leadership - Op-Ed

Virtuous Advertising: Interview with Remi Lemonnier

In this article, Rémi Lemonnier, co-founder and president at Scibids, expands on some of the key findings from the study and introduces how AI can be used to address these challenges in terms of data, the environment, and human capital, thus realising the newly-coined concept of virtuous advertising.

Industry News - Thought Leadership - Scibids Q&A - Industry Event - Industry Discussion - Survey

Solving UK Marketing Challenges with AI

Scibids commissioned this Insights & Attitudes report with ExchangeWire to ascertain how UK advertisers are using AI in their ad stacks.

Thought Leadership - Industry Discussion - Survey

The NDA Roundtable: what comes next for programmatic display advertising? - New Digital Age

New Digital Age (NDA), in association with Scibids, recently gathered a panel of industry experts to discuss the future of programmatic advertising.

Thought Leadership - Industry News - Partner Event

How To Boost Your Advertising – Even On A Startup Budget

#Startups looking to advertise are going up against big changes and even bigger ad spends. How can they compete? Tanya Iliakis, our Commercial Director for Canada, shares her top tips with

Thought Leadership